Introduction to Next-Gen CMS

Next-Gen CMS is a web-based tool for colleges, departments, units, faculty, and student groups to create websites in the UNL Web Framework. It is designed to allow people with no knowledge of web programming or markup to create and manage sites using Low-Code or No-Code web authoring with accessibility and validity built in.

The Next-Gen CMS features a totally new way of building and maintaining websites, Layout Builder. Creators can choose between a full library of layout components — display banners, cards, text areas, event feeds, and more. It has other features like drag and drop page layout and automated image sizing / compression built in.

Drupal is an open source content management system developed by a large, international community. Drupal is the most commonly-used enterprise-level CMS among large higher education, including 8 of the 14 Big Ten institutions.

WDN Slack is the best place to collaborate with other campus developers, have questions answered, or report any issues you encounter.